A very fucking hello! 
I'm just a normal 20 year old female with normal thoughts and even more normal feelings, living a completely normal life. There's nothing extraordinary about me but let me warn u, I can be very childish and stubborn as fuck. Befriend me at ur own risk.

Things u need to know about me:-

I'm bisexual.
I LOVE shy boys and bold girls! Weird, I know!

I'm a feminist. [ No, that does NOT mean that I want all guys dead, I just want equal rights, like I wanna go around half naked too kay?]

I'm an atheist, meaning that I don't believe in God. Talk to me about religious bullshit and I'll shove a hot iron rod up your ass. [Yes, I'm violent]

I h8 murderers, criminals, rapists, homophobes, racists, haters, bullies, ignorant people.

I like people who are understanding and accepting because acceptance is something that I've always craved for. So don't bother reading ahead if u are just going to be mean to me. Thank u. (SERIOUSLY FUCK OFF IF YOU'RE A HOMOPHOBE, I ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH NEGATIVITY IN MY LIFE, I DON'T NEED ANY MORE.)

I'm not from an English speaking country so don't be a grammar nazi to me.

Things I love:
Myself [ obviously]
My girlfriend irl [ @SilentScreams444 ] Follow her. She's adorable.
Family... [ of course]
Food, whatever it is. [Feed me and I'm yours. Okay, that sounded weird]
My phone
My computer
Anime, Manga
Bangtan boys
Dan and Phil
Troye sivan
Harry Potter
Sex lmao

That's it. One thing I've left to say is that I've a very dirty mind. I often say random stuff about xxx and get kicked out of the store. (No, I'm normal, I promise.) *Creepy smile* So if you're like young or if you can't handle cringy awkward attempts at flirting and inappropriate sexual jokes, then ignore me and forget you ever came across my bio, move to another planet whatever don't talk to me. I'll either ruin your innocence or totally creep you out.
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