Hey guys,
          	Hope this message finds you all well. I’ve once again disappeared from wattpad as life got crazy. I’ve said it before, but I’m a full time nursing student with about a year left. With the whole COVID-19 situation, everything got moved online so I’ve been trying to navigate everything while maintaining both my grades and sanity. I wanted to hop on and say I miss you guys and writing but I plan to get right back into things as soon as the semester is over.
          	From a nursing student - please stay home, only leave your house for essential reason, wash your hands, and stay safe!!


Stay safe xx


@AuthorrUnknown  thanks  take care of yourself too 


@AuthorrUnknown We love stay safe❤❤❤


hey girl, i just wanted to let you know that there is a group that has been going around reporting some books that contain mature content on wattpad. because of this they are being taken down so other authors on this platform are unpublishing their works until the issue is resolved. whether you want to do the same thing or not it is up to you<33


Hey dear author, I am a new reader and just read your last message...I was wondering when was your semester gonna end. I have no ideas about the semester schedules.
          P.s. I love the Carmichael series...


It was after the last time I read the whole series I had a thought about oh my goodness what if she wrote more?!? Like of all the next generation and then i come on here to re read the series and there’s another book!!!! Nothing could make me happier right now


I first read knox’s Girl while you were in the process of writing Evan’s story and I fell in love instantly and didn’t come away from my phone until I finished reading it, and ever since then I’ve re read the entire series so many times! I love the characters the storylines and how good of a writer you are


You are brilliant, utterly brilliant, the Carmichael series is my favourite ever series of books and I’m not even exaggerating!


I wanted to post this as a comment on your new Carmichael story but it wouldn’t let me so I’m posting it her haha


The Carmichael series is honestly amazing and you are truly gifted! I have read the entire series three or four times and I really love it! You’re characters are very well developed and true! You’re amazing!