@pretty_young_forever many authors are asking me to read their books. i will read yours but it'll take some time til i get to it. i'm sorry for that but yes, i promise i'll read em soon. :-) xo


Hi nudesonfleek,
          Thank you for the follow. :D Im new to wattpad and honestly, your follow means a lot to me. Do you mind checking out my book, Loving Beyond Belief, and giving me your imput?
          Thanks again,
          P.S. I love nudes. Nude lipstick, nude clothes, nude EVERYTHING! 
          Just....not nude people :D


sure! i'm not that active as of recently but i'd love to read your book! ❤️


Hey, I saw that you read humour books and wondered if you could help me out?
           It would mean the world to me if you read a story I just started writing. It's called 'The Fucket List' and I would really love your feedback and if you enjoyed it drop a couple of votes *wink wink* *nudge nudge*hehe ;)
          Here's the link: 

          Love from Australia xx
          Just to let you know, your bio is perfection xD