@OhSoDebonair Thanks so much. I am glad you enjoyed it.


          would you tell me how good my story is?
          even though I just started it I wanna know the suggestions of a pro


Hello! My name is Tessa Hardin and I am publishing my first work in fantasy and adventure genre its by the name "The Irrevocable Powers". U can find it in my profile.....hope u like it....


Jarvit was such an amazing story. I love your writing n the essence of your stories. Keep on writing n I will keep on fanning you. Jarvit reminded me of Oliver Twist. ♥ 


I apologize for the inconvenience of Jezra26's post, and hope to not waist your gime, but would you mind reading my  first chapter and givjng an opinion on it? I'm new here on wattpad, and have been wrting since i was 8!


I loved jarvit, not just the book but jarvit the character. thank you for sharing this story. it really is different. i hope i get to read more of your works.