"No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness "<3

Age: 16♈
I really love reading books, it's one of my hobbies!
Other hobbies include, procrastinating, when in mood, pranking people and making evil plans (haha) , sleeping, eating....etc etc!
Things I like:✅✅
•Comics!!!! I absolutely love reading comics and watching everything related!!!!
• The colours, black, blue, red, pink, and white!✨
•Watching The flash, Arrow, Legends of tomorrow, Supergirl, Justice league, and many more! <3 <3
•I love writing essays and stuff that enhance my creativity
•Starbucks frappuchinos!
•Wearing high heels!
•Playing video games (I'm not a gamer, I play mobile games and a few PC games)
•I strongly prefer Coke over Pepsi
•I also love very type of chocolate!
•I am not a morning person!
• Winters are the best!
•I love to listen to music and watch YouTube videos all day long! (Especially, conspiracy theories!)
• Batman or Superman? Batman with Superman's powers. ✨

•borings day
•Not having cheese in food that need it!
•The color bright yellow, and bright pink!
•Pepsi (IDK why I hate Pepsi, I just do!)
•People who take forever to do things they are told to do.
•People who don't consider the fact that other people's opinions matter...

Since, you have tumbled upon my profile, and read almost everything about me, wanna give my book a chance?

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You can vote and comment on my book, and I'll do the same for you!!!!

If we have something in common, or you wanna talk about anything, and share your thoughts, feel free to PM me...(although, I may take some time to reply)
We can be friends! (Yay!)

Whoever is reading this, may you have an awesome day!✨✨
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