Kylie is an inexperienced wannabe writer living in Nowhere, Massachusetts. 

She has made her new account and will be continuing everything there. She'll still be responding to comments here. The username is @ultimate-bro. Since she's a complete idiot, there are a few things we gotta work out, but don't you worry folks

She likes her weird rock music, generally creepy things, obsessing over fictional characters, isolation, trying to be funny, and trying to exist like an American human, and not an Estonian fish.

Let's be honest, it's a good thing she's never actually published anything.

She also loves to procrastinate. A lot. Don't depend on her to update ANYTHING regularly.

She claims to be a Hufflepuff, which makes sense because the Hufflepuffs in Harry Potter don't do anything.

She is also oddly obsessed with astrology. She finds it important that you know she is a Scorpio

She identifies as pansexual, but often refers to herself as the "gayest person in existence".

She is a huge supporter of LGBTQ+. Obviously. She has a whole story about it.

Kylie has an unhealthy love of trees. It probably stems from when she was younger and naturally had no friends, so she talked to trees.

She has mentally married herself to Oka Ruta, Luna Lovegood, APH Norway, APH Prussia, and APH France

She likes to make fun of herself. I suppose it's a part of her "sense of humor"

Additional Notes-She can play the trombone averagely, her theme song is either Warriors by Imagine Dragons or Unbreakable Heart by Three Days Grace, and, needless to say, she is the most awkward person alive
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