Go check out my new chapter in 3 stepbrothers! also, don't forget to follow my instagram: animallover575
          	Y'all are going to be pumped


@Animallover55  amazing...thumb up!!


@Animallover55 love your story ♡♡♡♡♡♡


Thank you  


Your books are so refreshing and amazing. Writing doesn't just seems to be your hobby, you truly have a way with it. Keep it up!


OML IF YOU'RE PUBLISHING UR BOOK I'M GONNA BEG MY PARENTS TO HELP ME SAVE FOR IT (I could actually j do that myself‍♀️) and hopefully if you do, you'll be able to ship to New Zealand btw I've been a huge supporter since like 2016 or something and I fricken love ur books♥️ OK sorry for the rant ill leave now♥️


3 Step brothers is the best book I have ever read. The book is so legit like it shows how hard life is and how reality is such a bitch. 
          I salute you!!! HAHAHA 


Hey I just finished reading 3 step brothers because my friend recommended it and honestly I’m glad she did it’s such a good book and I was just suggesting that if you can make a a book about Blake I feel like his story isn’t really finished :) it’s just a suggestion that all 


hey, i just wanted to say that i love your story 3 Stepbrothers so much. i’ve read it about 3 times and i have cried each time. i was wondering if you would ever publish it? cuz i’d rlly like to own a copy in my hands. and idk how fast id preorder it if you were to publish it. thank you so much for writing that story!


You should totally publish 3 stepbrothers one day. This is the best book i have ever read. I can't even describe the feels I get while reading this. And if you are seeing this, can you please confirm your Instagram, you rarely update on there. 

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