Call me Yokie!

I'm just an Idiot, running an account that wants to write about Animal Crossing ships! Currently here because i dunno about other kinds yet.

I am not on that much anymore do to the decline of Wattpad. With newsfeed gone my chances of having a somewhat successful book had dropped a lot.

So you can find me on Discord @ Yokie_Games#1195 or my Instagram @ yokie_games
Twitter @ gamesyokie
Archive of our own - Yokie_Games

If i get anything else, i will inform.

Ships •
Hazbin Hotel :
Likes - Angel × Alistor & Vaggy × Charlie
Dislikes - Charlie x Alistor & Cherry x Angel
Nutural - Anything besides them.

Likes - AppleShy, CelestiaDash, Twipest, LunaPie, GarbleSpike, Rarity × Spitfire, FlashArmor, Maud x Trixie, Braeburn x Soarin, TwiCord.
Dislikes - AppleDash, a lot of straight ones, Cadence x Shining Armor, Trixie x Pinkie, Caramel x Apple Jack, FlutterCord, CelestiaCord.

Pokemon :
Main - Aaron x Lucian, Steven x Lance, Red x Blue, Morty x Escuie, Corales x Faba, Raihan x Leon, Hop x Bede, Hau x Gladeon-
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