Chapter 12 is up everyone! Hihi sorry sa matagal na update
          	I just published "Chapter 12: BEACH" of my story "Battle of The Heart".


Hi...i just wanna plug my story...i know all of us are too busy as now,,but wish you could support me and my stories...plss atleast take time to read my story if you want...and dont forget to vote....I will highly appreciate your support and votes for each chapters of mine....Thank you in advance...hmm btw,i just want you to know that you're worthy,,,,worthy than any:))) so love you keep safe alwaysss thank you again
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hii! Excuse me for plugging, but could you spare me some time? My friend just published her first work here in Wattpad and she's seeking people with good tastes to give her honest critiques in her story. It would be such a pleasure to take a peek of her work and help her out. She would really appreciate it and would be pleased to learn from your opinions. But, if you don't have some free time then I would still be glad that you noticed this message and would respect your decision. Thank you. I'll drop the link here ^^. 


Hello everyone! Chapter 11 is up po! Sorry sa matagal na update, naging busy na po kasi ako sa mga modules ko. Btw, I appreciate all of your dms to me, sa mga nag antay ng update ko huhu maraming salamat! Laham ko kayo lahat❤️


Heyyy love (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
          Thank you so much for the follow.
          I totally love and support your bio and I'm always proud of anyone who actually has the courage to express themselves through writing and be able to share that with everyone.
          It's not easy. So I appreciate you as a writer and I'm hoping to check out your work whenever I have time.
          Stay safe and stay beautiful love ❤️❤️❤️❤️