So if you've stumbled upon this I congratulate you for getting this deep into the internet just hunting for that perfect X Reader fanfiction, or epic multi fandom crossovers that rival Infinity War. 

A little about me? Really? That's a bad idea...ok, since your begging. I'm over 500 years old, I was a chick in the 40's, my boss is a woman, I hate everyone equally, and there's no one alive who can comprehend my sexual preference.

That enough for you? It's not? Alright, fine. Guess I'll let him take over. Cursed, get over here.

Cursed: What Alucard? I'm busy...why do I have like fifty new comments written on my activity board?

Alucard: I was bored.

Cursed: *Sigh* fine Alucard, anyways what did you want of me?

Alucard: Your readers wanted more info than I'm divulging, so I'm dumping them on you.

Cursed: Why am I not surprised your not saying what they want? just what you want. Anyways, info like what?

Alucard: Stuff to make them wanna follow you? I don't know, I'm just your mascot at this point aren't I?

Cursed: Well yeah. You asked to be my profile didn't you? At least after I got over that whole Son of Israphel thing.

Alucard: You were the one who said that that was a stupid profile.

Cursed: I know, I hated it so much. Go take a walk, I don't care where I don't care what you do, just don't get me taken off Wattpad.

Alucard: Can do. No promises though.

Cursed: *Sigh* Fine. Whatever. Anyways valued reader's and followers. I am A Texan whose an anime fan and video game addict. I am friends with @Germanyhetalia1, or more accurately we know each other in real life. Alucard said part of my name, the full thing is CursedRanger121. Feel free to friend or follow me on PlayStation and Xbox. If I'm not trying to get rid of my writers block I'm either playing Shadow of War on the Xbox or PlanetSide 2 on the PlayStation. If you have story ideas or just wanna chat with me feel free, since I have free time usually a good bit of the day, I'll answer if you want.
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After lots of thinking about it, and worry about what to do, I have decided I'll be slowly transitioning away from Wattpad into Ao3. RWBY Renegade, Forsaken, and Akame x Reader 2.0 will be cross post...
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