So most of my books are about Bnha or Mha and some other anime but if you want me to make another story or a one shot please don't be hesitate to tell me, okay?

I will also write a book about... poem, pick-up line and so on.

Some shits about me:

I'm from Malaysia
My bday is 19 January
I'm a girl
I'm currently 14 years old
I like purple
I love to eat (more than a normal person should)
My height is 145 (quite short)
My weight...... 32 kg
My fav subject are Maths and Science
My fav anime is :
- Inuyasha
- Bnha
- Tokyo Ghoul
- Naruto
- Attack on Titan
My fav anime character:
-Shinsou Hitoshi
- Aizawa Shouta / Eraserhead
- Levi Ackerman
- Kaneki
- Naruto
- Sasuke
- Inuyasha
- Sesshomaru
I love drawing and colouring
My fav food is chicken
My fav drink is hot chocolate
My fav fruit is peach
I love candy
My fav type of movie are horror movies
I love reading (novel , comics and manga)

Other than that I'm just a normal (?) girl that have an obsession with anime and books. Especially horror.

Before I forgot I love to curse but not to much... So yeah ✌
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