Hello, I'm Juliet the Shipeon, I am the newest addition to the Eeveelutions, the matchmaker Pokémon!

Name: Shipeon

Evolved: When your favorite ship has sailed, or by some severe fangirl moment.

Abilities: Predicting love, flying, doing pretty darn big damage to those who anger us.

Type: Fairy-Flying

Moves: Fairy Wind, Moonbeam, Last Resort, Arial Ace, Sky Attack, Dream Eater, Heart Swap, Fleur Canon, Dazzling Gleam, Hurricane, Aeroblast, and Baby-Doll Eyes

Here's my (huge) list of ships!

Wings of Fire:
Glory x Deathbringer
Tsunami x Riptide
Clay x Peril
Sunny x Meerkat
Starflight x Fatespeaker
Moon x Qibli
Kinkajou x Turtle
Winter x Lynx

Paw Patrol (Don't judge):
Skye x Chase
Marshall x Everest

Ash x Serena
Skitty x Wailord (Aha!)
Dawn x Paul

My Little Pony:
Twilight Sparkle x Flash Sentry
Applejack x Caramel Apple
Rainbow Dash x Soarin
Fluttershy x Discord
Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich

Eeveelution Squad comics:
Speed x Lazuli
Silvia x Black
Flare x Leaf
Sunshine x Axel
Crystal x Trace

Harry Potter:
Hermione x Draco (I don't actually ship it, the fanfics are "fun")
Hermione x Ron
Harry x Ginny
And pretty much all the other obvious ones in HP

Warriors (I'm still reading, no spoilers!):
Firestar x Sandstorm
Graystripe x Silverstream
Ashfur x Squirrelflight (I just never liked Brambleclaw)
Crowfeather x Feathertail

Sol x Spark
Flame x David
Moon x Star
Emma x Ethan
Robert x Emily
Nick x Judy

Thank you for reading my 'stories'!
Anyways, C'ya!
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