Would you believe that in the entirety of the multiverse, you are the only you there is? No matter how many dimensions you traverse, it is a mathematical impossibility for you to ever run into your doppelgänger. You are the only one. Does that make you feel special? Or do you feel all the more alone? 

What if you found out you were one of an infinite array of duplicates scattered about divergent realities? Would you feel better or worse? Explore these emotional quandaries and others, in my collection of vignettes "Surrealism Extra Dry" and let me know what you think.

I also post writing prompts for other writers to explore and have fun with. Some are short and quick and others are a little more fleshed out. The point is to make them your own because you are the only one who can. If you do happen to find inspiration in one of these prompts, let me know so I can read your words.

And if you have any interest in neurotic, self-indulgent melt-downs, than definitely join my downward spiral into delirium by reading "Whatever Daily." This is a safe space for the early 2000's blogger in me as well as an opportunity for us to connect. Comment and let me know if you can relate.

Humans are weird and so are you. Most of what I post on Wattpad awkwardly attempts to celebrate that.
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Whatever Daily by AldoIzar
Whatever Daily
Just gathering my thoughts, Nosey.
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Surrealism Extra Dry by AldoIzar
Surrealism Extra Dry
Don't let the cavemen, fortune tellers and inter-dimensional travelers fool you. This collection of very shor...
Writing Prompts by AldoIzar
Writing Prompts
A collection of writing prompts for the curious, the weird and the daring.
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