I wrote chapter two for Ours, go take a look for me 
          	- Nicole x


Hi.. Love your work. 
          Please could you check out my new story called Heart attack. It's a Larry Stylinson fanfiction. Please give me suggestions to improvise on it as its  my first ever story. I do need guidance... 


hello I just finished reading The Sweetest Sin trilogy and wow it's just... made me emotional omg, you did a great job!!


Hey! I just finished your fanfiction, Lou and Honestly It is one of the best fanfcitions I ve ever read. Im wondering if you will allow me to translate into Turkish? I will give all of the credits to you. Thanks


Hey, girl. I translated some of your fics, and i noticed that Love me like you do isn't avaliable anymore, could you explain it to me? I just translated two or three chapters and was wondering if you can sent the rest to me in a e-mail. thanks :)


I stumbled across your "Sweetest Sin" series and I wanted to let you how much I enjoyed each book!!!