Hello everyone! I know I've been gone a long time now and I guess I haven't really explained here why. Some people read my blog and they know. 
          	So to explain why there are no updates, read this:


@SeriousMoonlight I also have been on Wattpad since 2012, but I don't have to hustle for positive comments or do book review swaps. There are still users on here that give lots of positive comments freely and without me asking for them. I'm sorry you and Aerith Sage don't get many positive comments. I wish you both still had an experience that I have=positive and longer-lasting with very few negative comments and update requests that are not very frequent.


@AerithSage I just read your blog post and I'm sorry people voice their impatience when you finally post an update. I post positive comments and I don't ask for updates from authors anymore. I'm sorry you get negative comments. I rarely get them.  Would you feel better if I commented on parts of your stories that I love?


@AerithSage take your time dear. and please try to block out the negative readers as much as you can, i know it's not easy. post at your convenience. stay happy love. your work is something i always look forward to.


I was hoping to read and finish "How to be a queen" for my 3rd time. But I was heart broken when I figured it was until chapter 16 and chapter 27 in inkitt.  Baaakkkiittt??? But anyways buti nalang na tapos ko na yun (2x) pero nakakabitin pa din kahit alam ko na yung mangyayare. Hahaha


When will you update the heart of the king? I’ve been waiting for so long already. I’m not being rude it’s just that your story is great, it’s interesting and we the fans are left hanging. Do tell us where to finish reading this book and if your finish with this one. Thank you, i hope you understand the story is just really great i want to find the ending.


Where is The Kings Bride book (Rajar’s story) Seth & Adrianne’s son. Where is that book on Wattpad??


Did you finish How To Be A Queen on Inkitt because I really want to read the next one?