"Hi, everyone, my name is Mandy and I'm 17 years old."

"~hi mandy~" **bored monotone voices**AA meeting vibes**

"I managed to shut my mouth for about 12 minutes yesterday. A personal high. I thank you all for your support and helping me to get to this point."

(No but seriously my coworkers timed it.)

YO welcome to the crack house

A few facts cuz i'm bored af and have nothing better to write right now:

>>>I have 9 books in drafts but they're all super bad so I doubt I'll ever publish
>>>My car is a potato
>>>I've vaped twice
>>>OBSESSED with like a million things a select few being Andy Samberg, Matthew Grey Gubler, cheesy romance flicks, biceps, soft animal fur, rainy days, the color grey, muscular shoulders, the colors yellow pink white black and orange, Halloween and Corpse Husband
>>> people i find attractive: Dylan O'brien, Wade Poezyn, Justin Baldoni, Tom Ellis, Channing Tatum,
>>>the number of times i've accidentally flirted myself into a relationship cuz i'm bored is astronomically high
>>>commonly known as your local dumb blonde
>>> I make pizzas for a living
>>> I laugh at my own jokes more than other people laugh at my dumbass humor
>>> I'm 5'4
>>> I'm playing soccer basketball and doing swim this year to get ready to be a stripper if I need to be one
>>>My first and only kiss was nasty af but I'm horny asf 24/7
>>>My birthday is October 5

Also, if y'all want a face reveal I suppose you can follow my Instagram it'll be on private but I usually follow back ;)

My insta: @dumberthantheaverageblonde

Thank you, lovelies 😘
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