Airel Saga Book Six (Uriel: The Price) has begun! Enjoy!


Hey Aaron. Really love your books.Just wondering when the second book of Zero will be out. 


Hi Aaron,
          I love ur stories. First story I read is breaking steele. It is one of my favourite book so far. Is book 4 forging steele also available online?? Also where can I find book Dream on?


Can you pleeease update the uriel series, I started reading it without realizing it wasn't finished please update, I love your work 


Also, I have to say, I was impressed by how professionally written Breaking Steele was. I love how driven Sarah Steele was and that she was smart but not a genius: she was simply a normal woman with a hard past, a very real character.


I'm barely into the beginning of the first Airel book, but I'm already like it--which is a lot coming from me because I don't normally like the idea of fallen angels having offspring.


Hello I loved all the Ariel book series they where very good are you adding more chapter to book 6 or there other coming out it was just so good you a good writer keep it up