24- recently- Hufflepuff, Selenophiliac.

You can call me "AC"...

if you want

"Won't you come out and play? The Moon is full and it calls to me. Can't you hear it's deep voice? So alluring and sweet."

Older sister, babysitter/ nanny, reader, dreamer, writer and screamer... sorry it rhymed. Total nerd, animal lover, aspiring nurse and part time singer- ish.

Good at lying

bad at crying.

"If I could choose an element to control, I don't know which I would choose. The power to control them all, if I could. Why chose to be master of one? I rather become master of them all... too bad it's impossible."

"And the Moon called to her and asked her if she would hide in it. Would she rather die at the hands of a monster or live forever as the Spirit of The Moon? To shine in the night and in the day and bring sleep and peace to those who look at it?

She didn't hesitate, she chose the Moon.

She became Seline.

And the Moon was glad. It would no longer be lonely. The Moon made her chose another name, she was no longer Aurora, she was Seline, Spirit of The Moon, and she would watch the world below her and rest from her persecution. She would no longer be hunted, she was to be at peace. The stars were to be her friends and the Moon itself, her greatest companion."

Shoutout to @divinehoes for helping me with my books and being an awesome and patient sister, three years has been a long time you freak of nature and I love you for them!

@Clear_Blue I know you probably had a rough day today but I wish you the best and hope everything works out for you, looking forward to keep Rping with you.

@Sweets_Lovers we literally started to RP together for what's likely the first time about 10 min ago or so, you seem cool, let's be friends?o
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