I appreciate every single one of you. I will never forget you. I love you. All of you 


@ASliceOfDeansPie Welp, Xzibcfoif is ded and the other one is ded and den done did died


Goodbye account that I just met and fell in love with, you’re no longer active but these books were good! 


Hey y'all! I'm back for a second to let you know about something even though I hate self promotion. 
          I now have a YouTube channel! I only have a couple videos up but yeah. It's a thing now. Um. I hope you don't just subscribe because you feel obligated to, please don't feel pressured into subscribing because I asked. But if you want to see more of my content, feel free to subscribe if you want! ONLY IF YOU WANT. My channel is called DapperLad. I'll put a link in my about thing. That is all. Thanks for reading! Love you awesome nerds! :D


I am in with the story with demon!dean and Xzavier + Eva. Could you update it? Just some more chapters?


Hey, I just read what you wrote of studies of a gay punk I thought it was really good, and I was wondering if u are ever going to update it. I really liked it and want to read more of it


Hey guys I'm making a new Wattpad account for my jacksepticeye imagines so I might be off this account for some time (not sure how long) but yeah. 


Hi, not sure if you'll actually see this. You are a great author with some really unique destiel AUs (such as your bad boy punk cas...etc.) but most of them haven't been updated in years. If you could update, that would be amazing