howdy my loves
          	so yeah, July passed. August too....
          	I'm a med student now so things have been a bit hectic (hehe) & I'm also busy with my business. I will need a bit more time for a bonus chappie (pls)! It'll come eventually ;) thank you for waiting you guys r the best 
          	have the loveliest life


@ARKHNN I miss your pen, your words & your voice. if you dont choose me, at least its your choice.


Ayeeee Masha Allah ❤️❤️❤️ Congratulations ... Take your time, till then we can reread it for all the feels ✨✨


@ARKHNN I love you a lot like a real lot 
          	  please keep taking care of yourself
          	  med school ain't easy sweetie ;)
          	  wish you the loveliest life too <333


So Dalaric was the first book I read this year on Wattpad .It was recommended since it was my first time on Wattpad .This book was and still is my go to book I used to read while listening to renegade it just fit and I used to cry with Mayella when ever she was down .This book was with me through every journey of my first Wattpad experience I don't think there's another book like it. Even though I so badly want one .Thanks ARKHNN for making such and amazing book.