Hi, there :v

You can call me Ara, or Ren, or Al.
I speak broken English :)

~ Pronouns : She/Her ~

• My favorite color is blue
• I drink tea
• My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla
• I like reading, drawing, and writing
• I listen to J-pop, J-rock, and K-pop
• Emotional 24/7
• Crying is my addiction
• Otaku and manga reader
• A walking lie detector
• I have a very bad Glossophobia
• Social Introvert
• An overthinking overthinker
• I suck at math
• I wear glasses
• My favorite part of the day is night
• Lazy
• Procrastination is a part of my life (if you read this don't do it!)
• I want to touch snow! TwT
• I'm in so many ships and I ship a lot
• If you give something blue to me, I WILL APPRECIATE IT AND REMEMBER IT FOREVER

I've met a lot of wonderful people and many amazing authors here, in this orange world.

I love being here \(TwT)/❤

Alright, that's all I guess :v
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