I have something coming real soon! 


I like the characters and story line of I cant love you, and I can sort of relate to the relationship between Abel and Gotti  , its very toxic but I think that they both love each other just happy that Gotti decided to get help for real this time even though I hate nd love him at the moment, cant wait for the next chapter and I hope that Abel find happiness for real this time , I am not a Malik fan, still hope that Abel and Gotti can work out their issues and be together finally after everything that their both were through,  I love ure work...


Hi loveeee!!! Your books . But i expected you to reach further or be finished with Desearn and Ashton story by now.


I don't mind readers leaving comments expressing opinions and what they feel, but when you start leaving comments that disrespectful towards me.. yeah, no.