The latest smut is up so who ever wanted to read a dom Cas and a sub Dean it’s up


@AH69SB25 yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaas


Hi like your work...I.want to recommend my story to you if you don't mind
          Tittle-Choices:A korean story


I CANNOT THANK YOU GUYS ENOUGH. As of right now, my most read story has 22k reads!!! Thanks so much for the support. Thanks to all my followers that believed in me!!!


Hello Everyone. It’s AH69SB25 here. So kinda big announcement. AmazingHero69 and I (SkeletonBoy25) will no longer be writing together. I will be the solo writer from now on. So productivity will be slow, but I will get my stories out a soon as I can (with college and all). No need to panic, there will be a dom!Cas and sub!Dean writing really soon. It takes place 3 months after the Pollen Story sooooo theres that exciting news!  
          Anyways, thank you to my followers and the people that have helped my reads to be over 12k! Thank you!!!!
          - SkeletonBoy25