Hi, I was wondering if you could give me some pointers for an abdl story I'm writing.


Hi ABDL Literotica i read you Kelly's School Diaper Humiliation story and it's 
          A fantastic story and I'm wondering when your going to update it next as your story's areally brilliant. thanks


Dear ABDLiterotica if you are not planning on continuing Diapered by my mom I would love to continue it I would credit you as the original creator of it and I would Tell the readers to follow you if you would not like me to do just tell me


Great thank you


@Tbdlreader Hi, I did plan to finish this story, but I am also a busy hardworking person away from this app. So it's all yours to finish if you like.
            I often don't mark stories as finished in case I want to add something later, or just in case I made a mistake here or there to change.
            But this one wasn't a finished piece, so go ahead. I still plan on finishing my other unfinished stories
            Thank you, 


Hi thanks for writing Katie's Time story as it was a brilliant story and I'm wondering when you are going to update it next thanks


I would like to know what will happened between Sarah and Kate ? 


not to be rude but wane are you going to update