Hey, you can call me Eri. I love writing. It's kind of became of hobby of mine. Specific things I like to write about are probably romance, sci-fi, and dystopian fiction.

Extra things about me!
• K-Pop stan since 2014.
• Vocaloid fan since December, 2015.
• I started writing freely in late January, 2018.
• Artist, I guess? I don't consider myself as an actual one though.
• Anime lover. (For those of you that are curious, I watch Seven Deadly Sins, Madoka Magica, Fairytail, and some private ones. No, it's not hentai, lmao.)
• I have Discord by the way. (dyyip#7669) The user might change so I'm very sorry if you're trying to add me and fail.
  • JoinedJanuary 23, 2020