Everyone, I need your help spreading a message.
          The world is cruel enough.
          In 2015 alone, 828,000 people committed suicide. Globally, more than 264,000 people suffer from depression. 
          7.3% of the world population has anxiety. In 2015, one country alone had 164,000 people with autism.
          20% of teenagers are bullied every day.
          These statistics alone prove that the world, at times, is not a kind place. 
          People need to stop with the jokes. You have no idea how much it hurts when people joke around about suicide, depression, anxiety and autism. 
          The jokes and ‘hilarious’, unserious comments that go something like:
          “Ha. I wish I could die.”
          “Go kill yourself.”
          “Ugh, I’m so depressed.”
          “Why don’t depresses people make themselves happy again? Haha.”
          “Look at you- you’re so scared over a measly presentation; it’s not that difficult.”
          “If you have anxiety, just stop being anxious.”
          “Hahaha, I’m so autistic.”
          “OoOooOOo stop bullying me!”
          Suicide is not a joke.
          Depression is not something to laugh at.
          Anxiety is not attention-seeking.
          Autism is not funny.
          Bullying hurts people so, so much, more than you could ever realise.
          Words cut like a whip. Even when not directed towards them, those careless comments can wound people more than you can ever imagine.
          The world is cruel enough. 
          It needs Kindness.
          So, I propose a new hashtag. 
          One to use on Wattpad whenever you see someone making fun of these topics or bullying someone.
          Stand up and say, “That’s not okay.”
          Put a stop to it. #BeKind.
          (Copied from @The_Ghost_Queen06 )


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