Hi everyone!

My name doesn't exactly matter but what does is the fact that I absolutely LOVE writing.

Some of you may not like my writing but that's okay. It isn't meant for everyone.

To start off I am 15 and I am in highschool. My classes can get very over loaded and I may not be able to post frequently... But i try my best!

I write a variety of everything! From action, to drama, to horror to romance. So if those kind of stories are the kind you like to read you should give my books a shot. No harm would come from it.

Also, I am in the middle of trying to publish a book I have become very passionate towards. So that may also effect my posting.

It is my main priority at the moment but it wont completely stop the posting on here.

School may take up my time or I may be going through something. But I always try to keep consistent with my writing.

Anyways I hope you enjoy!
Feel free to like or comment!

This is 11Nightwing11 saying PEACE!
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The End of the Bat Family
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