Hey Kenny here.... I'm a total major literature enthusiast. I Loved reading Novels. So writers brace yourself ......because I'm coming to feast on your novels (With extra spices namely - 1. Vote
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Love reading BxB or MxM or Gay or whatever & some Straight Novels! (I really don't see why mention it in name tags. It's 21st century Like! HELLO! You don't mention BXG or straight. Yeah well whatever (my thoughts *I just mentioned it*)!!! Well You Guessed it right! I'm just another babbler (whoops! Talks non stop!) My friends nicknamed me chewing gum( They say I have a habit to always move my beautiful pouty lips *blushes*.......... Don't stare...it's rude) Like rude Much. They are all Meanies.
I'm not a writer (I can't write shit) #Just a fact
Here are some of my all time favourite novels.
2.Avoding the CEO
3.How To Be Straight
4.His New Toy
5.The Last Virgin Standing
6. Ten Reasons Not To Die
(I Love listening to Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Flo Rida, Snoop Dogg, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, Linkin Park, The Chainsmokers, Katy Perry & The Evergreen Classics)* Gotta Love Em *
7. The Alpha & His Rogue
8. The Billionaire's Bid
9.The Bad Boy's Twink
10. The Tourmaline
11.Brain Dead Series
12.The Desire Series
13.Vanity Boys
14.High School Scandal
15.The Deal
16.Mrs. Bieber & Sequels
18.I Tempted Him With A Kiss
19. Step Brothers
20.Falling In Love With My Step Brother
21. Save My Day
I forget some names of the novel's I read when I first logged in on wattpad. Anywho, there are thousands of books and novel's I have read are favourites worthy *I can't write all of them*(Sorry authors) Words limits are reached. So.. * hey did someone noticed that some of the words I used are taken from wattpad stories* Yeah I am that addicted to you - by Shakira ! So it's me Kenny signing off, dear wattpadians. Take Care & Happy Surfing! (In wattpad) *giggles*
Thanks for checking out my shit profile. # I think you have great Patience! #
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