This is just a re-announcement for any one who did not see the previous one and is interesting in knowing why I am reposing Stealing the Emperor's Male Concubine (STEMC). 
          	I felt that the book needed some editing, so I am in the process of EDITING STEMC. For this reason, I have removed the book and will be posting each EDITED chapter as i complete them.
          	Thank you all for your support on this story.


@-skies- Am so going to read this, ...........


@-skies- I luv all ur stories. when can we expect an update on stealing the wrong bride ? 


It's good to edit. But do it like other authors. They let the old chapters and and marked the edited ones. otherwise, new readers can't appreciate your work


I love your story Am I Evil? An I hope you'll finish Stealing The Emperor's Male Concubine. Those 4 chapters got me hooked. Can't wait for more.


I even bought your patreon but it isn't on there pleasssseeee God I love that story and can't forget it even after like 2 years now 
          Hope your not dead or anything


I was wondering when will u post Stealing The Emperor’s bride cause I have been waiting for it for a long time now...thx u