hear me out, ryan reynolds as christian grey... 


this message may be offensive
how the fuck do i have 3.8k followers? 
          i’m so so eternally grateful to each and every one of you! all the love and support i’ve been given over the years has warmed my heart. i truly think of you guys as my best friends and all of you too pieces. 
          to my mutuals, i love all you so much. 
          to anyone i’ve ever interacted with, i love you. 
          to anybody who’s clicked follow i love you. 
          seriously, thank you. <33 
          but in all honesty, why the fuck are you guys even following me? lmao. 


I follow you cause your amazing and talented 


stop, we love youuuu. and you deserve ALL your followers and success.


@-sincerelystyles aw you’re so sweet!