ᵕ̈ ᑋᵉᑊᑊᵒ ᵕ̈ ᑋᵉᑊᑊᵒ
I'm Ocean / IT The Clown / Jay / Etc.

Fair warning before proceeding;
I'm not particularly good at these intros, I just figured that not having one was odder considering the amount of time I've invested in Wattpad. In here you will find awkwardness, sarcastic comments, and terrible quips that I dare to call jokes, I'm hilarious to myself and myself only.

I've been on this website through it's ups and downs, and have had a total of three accounts, counting this one. Main reason being my terrible memory and keen ability to misplace passwords and often times emails that would have helped me recover said passwords, lol. That didn't stop me from coming back though.


I've met some wonderful people on here and I've learned something from each and every single one of them. I thank those that have stuck around and helped me improve my writing as the years passed. <3 Sentimentality aside, I'm not particularly interesting, or terribly boring at least. I'm often the side character that finds herself in stupid situations.

Some things to know about lil old me include:

• A libra, because that somehow matters to me.

• Anxiety driven with a touch of pickiness that I refuse to call OCD since I've yet to ever be diagnosed.

• A book lover, specifically fantasy novels and sometimes romance that I end up skipping to the last page of in order to check if my favorite couple ends up together. Yeah, definitely fun at parties.

• The type of person to be happy with some ice cream, a paint brush, and/or a book. <3

• Broke artist at its finest.
  • Drifting in the ocean, as I should be.
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So, I’m officially COVID free! Yay, I’m no longer dying XD I do apologize for my inactivity and to anyone I owe a response to, I never imagined it would hit me as hard as it did, but unfortunately i...
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