New update tmr after my exam besties :) 4 chapters coming your way <3 


@-milananyx yay literally cant wait after so long 


hi i love you and just wanted to remind you of that fact. also you make my heart happy. now reply to my messages on imessages or else. 
          -love, your “she gives me daisy vibes” or whatever it is that you’ve got me saved as on sc. 


this message may be offensive
hi. so i’m taking down the last thing i posted- i realized something and a new one is gonna go up that’s improved. you can read/ reply to it TOMORROW- don’t read it now please and thank you, i read what you wrote and it warmed my freaking heart, thank you so much, and i’m fucking glad i could at least make your night- but i want you to have a good full day tmmrw- so READ IT TMMRW. night angel <3


@davinabe okay love <3