i watched enola holmes and i melted at the end, tewksbury is so baby im in love
          	first gilbert blythe, then dorian gray, laurie laurence and now tewksbury... i need to stop simping over 19th century fictional men lol


dorian gray tho


urgent: any tips on how to find missing cats? 
          also pls manifest w me that my 2 cats come home safe soon 


i’m so sorry sweetheart!!
            it’s such a horrible feeling,
            but yes, trying to shake 
            food, just wandering 
            around and calling them, 
            if they have a blanket or
            a bed try to bring it with
            you to draw them to u
            if they recognise the smell. 
            i’m praying for you angel,
            try not to panic too much 
            abt it, just share it around 
            w your area. everything’s
            going to be okay ‎ ‧₊˚.♡̷̷ 


i am so sorry this has happened. when it has happened to me, get some food in a tray and shake it. also, make all your neighbours aware of the situation so they can keep a look out. i'm praying they come home ♡


hi just stopping by to tell you that you’re so loved and i am sending you the biggest virtual hug rn! <3