I'm super hopped up on covid recovery rn and my laptop is fried and I was getting super frustrated with my wattpad bio [as I do whenever I have emotional breakthroughs in therapy lmao] so here's a list of everything that will be in my significantly more aesthetic bio a week or two from now

Or maybe a month? Who knows? Lord knows I'm the queen of procrastination [that will not be mentioned]

1. I'm straight, pronouns are she/her, I'm a feminist, ally, anti-racist, swiftie, Aquarius sun, Sagittarius moon, Pisces rising, and yes an astrology and tarot bitch, and I was published by scholastic in a collection of short stories

2. On the journey to loving myself so don't fuck with me because I will make you need therapy and you won't be able to retaliate because I'm already in therapy so HA fuck u

3. In contrast to my last point I want to spread positivity and love so if there's something I can do for you please let me know

4. I'm an INFP with an anxiety disorder we love to see it

5. I wanna mention my friends but I have lots of people who are just waiting for me to mention my friends in my bio so they can ask me why they're not there so my sister is @nerdpop1adi

6. I write.

7. I design themes and bios so you understand why I'm shaking my head at this right

8. If you're trying to stay away from politics stay away from my message board lately

9. I'm into loads of stuff I haven't been able to explore because I've been around shitty people my entire life who convinced me I had no self worth but one day I'll explore them and add them here
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