Hi sweetie ^^
          I'm author @77suga7777 . I wrote a book name "I Was Never Anyone's" . It's my own written book and my first book. If you have some time , you can check my story . I hope you won't dislike it. 
          If you like my story , I'll be too happy and glad if you do some voting as well . 
          Thank you •••
          Have a good day<333 


Hey hi
          How are you?
          Btw this is my first book. I would love if you support me by reading it. And do vote, comments it will encourage me write more and more. ❤️❤️
          And will you please share this story with your friends may be they will love it <33


↠Sure of it! We know you definitely want to be a champ. Shine among thousand stars ↞
          ↿If you want to , then what are you waiting for? ⇃
          ↾Your universe is right before your eyes! 
          ⌈Oh!? Too high ? Could not reach there!?⌉
          ⌒Do not worry, we will make your path! ⌒
          ⍟ EXITING RIGHT !?⍟
          ⌵〈〉Now don't just stand there. Run over it , and be the rising star. 
          ⌣We, The Universe, Welcomes you Astronauts! ⌢
          ⌦We create galaxies and them bright too. We make it fun guys! So, communities are also welcome in this universe with their galaxies! ⌫
          ⌠Join in for either being a star or an Astronaut or more of it as a with a galaxy! ⌡
          ∎OH!? Did not get it? Don't worry and check upon the book. We are sure you will understand our universe and what we mean. 
          ↭HOPE GO SEE YOU STARS! ↭


ㅤ⊹ㅤ  ㅤ゜ ✿ ׄ  Magnolia,
          ໒ ꒱ Ancient but attractive. A flower but fabled. Colored but charming. All in all, the base of this community. ︶︶
            ۪       Can you feel the fragrance of it ? The petals just bloomed. The innocent, delicate and pink petals   ⺌ of the flower just bloomed to invite the new bees.
          ୨୧         The aesthetic, mesmerizing community, THE MAGNOLIA COMMUNITY, is here to offer unlimited jaw dropping roles.  ⏝ ⊹ ⏝
          ꒰♡꒱ You definitely might wanna step into the whorl.  (๑´³`(⁎˃ᴗ˂⁎)
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