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"0H MY G05H! H1!" Mituna waved frantically and grinned boyishly, holding his helmet at his side. As most know, his hair was in his eyes and very 'poofy'. "1'M M17UN4! WH0 4R3 Y0U?"

Title: Heir of Doom

Age: Possibly 9 solar sweeps/19 earth years

Typing Style: Replaces most of his letters with other symbols. This includes, but is not limited to, E=3, A=4, S=5, O=0, T=7, I=1 and B=8.

Relations: The Ψiioniic / the Helmsman - Post-scratch self
Sollux Captor - Dancestor


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♦️ - @-Kurloz-Makara- //Kurloz// "H3'5 MY MO1R41L! N07 Y0UR5! K33P 4W4Y!" He stuck out his tongue with a huff.

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  • "W17H 7H3 8335!" ((With the bees!))
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-Mituna_Captor- -Mituna_Captor- Dec 24, 2014 10:02AM
((o.o ... "4 J0URN4L" has 6-6-6 reads ... *pulls out cross* o^o What. The. Fudge. Nuggets! >~< EVILE!))
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4 J0URN4L! by -Mituna_Captor-
4 J0URN4L!
((It's like many others. It is rp starters and such.))
Sollux Captor by -Mituna_Captor-
Sollux Captor
((Might as well! uwu *loves the Gemini's* &lt;3 ))
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Ryushi Devian
Ryushi is here to watch over and protect Mituna since Sollux isn't around to do such. Ryushi is known as hum...