Thank you for 800 bbys, I love you guys so much...so much that an anathema chapter may be in the works?


@-Madly update please 


          By any chance
          Is FEAR ever going to come back to play or have you moved on from the book
          It's a Beautiful book  Amazing to be exact ❤️❤️❤️ The love showed us so pure and innocent. Love without condition, without lust or any materialistic things.... Just LOVE


Anathema is a Greek word that in English translates to "damn". Did u know that?


?? I haven't heard this, and although I haven't done much research, I believe the origins are Greek and Latin, vaguely in the beginning I think it had something to do with a Greek word that means - "to set up", and then sort evolved into another word for a stigma, a sort of outcast, or taboo. Although, I am always curious about information unknown to me, do tell?