Hi there, I'm Amber and I write yandere content for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fandom that you can find on tumblr as Yandere Jojo Imagines. I'm a bit of a masochist so be warned that I might write for triggering topics. If you like to send me a tip or discuss a commission please feel free to message me at my email galaxyfox1248@gmail.com !

🚫 I do NOT write for pedophilia, beastiality, racism, water sports, scat, the fetishization of trans and gay people, and extreme gore.🚫

✔️I DO write for dub-con, unhealthy relationships, slight blood and violence, implied death of characters, mentions of self-harm, mentions of mind breaks and mind control, wereaniamls, NSFW and SFW, BDSM, most kinks.✔️
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