hii, i know this may be weird to receive, especially since i have been offline for a while. however, i just wanted to thank you for being nice to me. thank you for communicating with me, and thank you for being there. you are truly a wonderful person, whether you believe so or not. please remember that you are loved by many people, including me. some days are bad, others are worse. but there’s always sunshine after a storm. your storm just might be lasting a bit longer than others. you got this babes. i’m so proud of you. honestly, now a days, i know how hard it is to just stay. in case no one told you today, i love you. many people do, even if it feels like no one does. someone out there loves you. i hope you have a wonderful day/night and pls remember to stay hydrated and healthy !!
          sincerely, brie. <3