Personality: She's most of the time sarcastic, but sometimes opens up to people to reveal her sweet, caring side.

Quirk: Fierce Wings

QD: She gets her quirk directly from her father, but with added effects from her mother. Her wings are black like a raven, and she can telepathically control her feathers and harded them into blade like objects. She can chose weither she wants then to be blunt and deal no damage, or sharp and potentially lethal. She doesn't use much of it though, as she rarely feels the need to. She can hover and also glide. Her quirk also allows her to breath better in higher altitudes, so if she wanted to she could fly alongside an airplane. Her average flying speed is around 50-60 mph, but she can go 80-90 mhp if needed.

Drawbacks: The more feathers she uses, the weaker her wings get, and if she takes too many her wings will start to bleed and she wont be able to use anymore until they've all grown back, deeming her pretty much useless. She also gets nauseous.

Hero name(if a hero)/Alias: Death Omen

Likes: She really likes birds and has considered having one as a pet, but was never able to. She also likes fruits a lot, her favorite being raspberries.

Dislikes: She dislikes most insects and snakes, and she hates eating any kind of bird.

Other: She became a villain because she dispised the way her father acted as a hero, he wouldn't hessitate to hurt anyone even if the crime was small and he was extremely careless. That lead her to believe all heroes acted that way, so she ran away to become a villain.
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