Just started reading Neuromage by @RobertBabaev, its so good! You guys should go check it out. 


@-Ereri- Please update My Little Angel.


Hey ! I am a translator, I translate English into French and I wanted to know if you were interested. I want to translate your story into French and send it to you by private messages. you copy the text and create a new story, that people who speak only French could read ! I do this because I find it unfortunate that we can not read the stories in English, while they are so great !


I'm in a mission....yes....what in the world is an Eremika shipper doing here? Well I'm just a guy who is passive I don't bash I never want to fight so I'm just here to ask something......do you hate all Eremika shippers?


@BroBot2000  I don't like the ship but as long as they don't like Alois Trancy, it's ok


I love your stories and your writing style. Its creative and you keep it on track and yet at the same time you add your own little things that just make the book wonderful. Arigato for writing!
                                Olga (Ereri lover) Miranda