Hey guys... This is Kym... I quit the rp and I'm considering putting it in hiatus... I think it would do everyone good to take a break from the drama that's going on for a month or two... 
          	Please weigh in on this...


@-DemigodsOfficial- Yes. we need it. Plus, I was going to go on hiatus anyway. I'm too busy with 20 hrs of gymnastics a week.


          	  True, hope you have a great break


I dont know if this person got hacked but if they did let me say GO AWAY YOU HAVE DESTROYED THIS PERSON AND GOR WHAT?! A LAUGH A JOKE A DARE? This is stupid this person is getting all this hate for somthing they might have not done. There are young kids on here and I dont want to know how they would react to seeing this. Please just stop.