I hate dnf with a firey passion BUT! I can appreciate a good writing
Hey ...I'm Dark/Lica the pronounciation of my name, I actually dfc how you say it :)) but there's the right pronounciation
( /Lie•cah/ )

-I belong to A TON of fandoms
- I'm a girl and I use she/they/he pronouns only :)) I don't feel comfy with neo pronouns
-if u saw me from a smutbook no you didn't .
-Dark academia 📻📜🧳📽💌🥀
-Dark Paradise 🌑🌌🥀🦇
-Kinda Alt⛓🗡🕷

•am a MCYT fan obviously,
•main ships: snf, Dreamnap Georgebur
•semi-okay ships: karlnap/(+quackity), quacknotfound, quackity and Karl (what's their shipname?) and /maybe/ quackbur
•it,stranger things, The goldfinch, Dead poets society
•all hail bingus
•Sapnap 🧡
•quackity 💙
•bill cipher is hot ⚠️
•loki is criminally underrated 🐍
•captain jack Sparrow is my fashion icon 🏴‍☠️
•stan 1D and TS and 5sos 👬
•many many more fandoms

"I'm gonna marry you so hard"
- said by george to sapnap
- y'all should read it it's 😙👌 top tier
- book: And he said hi by @/Mayanottaken

was once @Ur_Bi_Babe but I grew up
I don't write I just read and promote authors, which btw you should deffo follow the peeps I'm following, they're great.
I'm pretty chill, you can talk to me, dw I don't bite...unless u want me to..../hj

anyway, do whatever u want in life, we're all gonna die anyway, start breaking rules, go in random discord servers and talk to strangers, have online relationships stream RED by Taylor swift

anyway if u guys know any snf, Georgebur or Dreamnap books that are good, pls tell me 🙏

Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!
  • standing in a nice dress staring at the sunset 🌇
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-DarkestParadise -DarkestParadise Jan 20, 2022 06:14PM
@Mayanottaken I WISH I COULD READ ALL OF YOUR BOOKS FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME AGAIN :(( they're all way too good 
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