I don't know nun of y'all bitches
          	But HEYYY BESTFRANS-




Gakkō wa totemo zutsū no shudesu, watashi wa gakunen ga ato six -shūkan owaru mae ni shinu tsumoridesu


hey mate, be happy on purpose. look for the rainbow when it's raining. find the hope even when it's bleak. choose forgiveness even when bitterness is easier. choose love even when it feels impossible. make it a habit to choose joy as much as you possibly can because life isn't meant to be lived in disappointment or frustration. it's not meant to be lived in hatred... it's meant to be lived laughing so hard your stomach hurts. it's meant to be filled with soft moments of love. it's meant to be filled with tight hugs that last for minutes. life is meant to be lived happy<3