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Cho: "Ok."

Soran: "If you keep trying to hold your breaking walls, the rubble will one day incase you. It is best that you let go, before it hurts you even more"

Harith: "The World is our home, neither good or evil has dominion over it because it was given to us equally. We must unite stop fighting so we can build a better future."

Osiris: "Power is an enticing and desirable, no man nor anything can resist it. But having to much, can shatter who you are even if your tendencies is to do good."

Hanzo: "You do not need emotion, it holds you back. And if ever you are vulnerable to the enemy, they will devour you whole."

Cerulean: "Time comes to us all, we fear that death will come so soon yet it is so far. We fear death and it is natural, but live your life to the fullest then death isnt so bad as you once think it is."

Artamiel: "Too thy god may he bless us without any consent as he gave his love to the world for which he created, Shalt this madness end and shall the creatures of god may live in peace."

Miamoto: "You are All things Kaneki and yet you are nothing, you belong to neither Ghouls nor humans in the end you stand alone."

Damianos: "What do you fight for Duty,Honor, or your home."

Annura: "Show me a kingdom of life, once i walk away it shall be nothing more than a memory"

Kindlehart: "Love is the tsunami of emotion which no fortress walls can stand, you shall fall to it and in the rubble you will be reborn a new."

Ashta: "At first many people does not understand because it is "Vulgar" and "Wrong" but in the end, they wished they should have done it."

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