Hi! I'm just a girl who loves stories. I like to draw, play the violin, do archery, and read. There's never been a time where I didn't love books. I've read hundreds of books by many different authors. My favorite types of books are those based on magic, mythology, science, and action. I also love to watch movies and television. I guess I've always loved stories in general. That's why I joined Wattpad. I'm working on the plot of a Hunger Games fanfic right now and should be publishing soon... Thank you so much to all the people who have supported me!
- Bananarama27, July 24, 2019
Thank you especially, MK/I_am_Ironman3000 and IzzBizz747, my first two followers! ;)

P.S., I'm going to put my top ten books and maybe some movies up, don't miss them. Don't worry, I read at a college level, so I like to think I have good taste. If you don't trust my reviewing abilities (I don't blame you), most of these books have a second opinion in the form of New York Times bestselling authors, reviews by other famous writers, or worldwide acclaim. But it's all up to you!

Harry Potter
Wings of Fire
Percy Jackson, Magnus Chase, Heroes of Olympus, Trials of Apollo, etc.
How To Train Your Dragon
Hunger Games
The Inheritance Cycle
And more!

* * *

I like to draw characters from Uncle Rick's books. I'll make an art book for you to boo at someday.
I'm just a middle schooler, but I love to read! At age seven, I had a college equivalent reading level. Books. Are. My. Life.
I play the violin with my school orchestra. Mine is bright, sparkly dark blue.
My Patronus is a dragon, and my other is an otter. Two, I know, but I say it sums me up!
My favorite colors are lemon yellow, pastel sage or lime green, and bayside turquoise.
Wakanda forever.
My favorite food is either tandoori chicken with jasmine rice, a good ol' lettuce, tomato and ketchup cheeseburger, or pastel from Brasil with mozzarella (look it up)

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Hi, guys.I know I haven’t been on Wattpad as much. It’s been almost 3 months since I’ve updated anything.On October 28th, I was at school. It was PE, my third period. I went to get a jump rope from...
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