hi, precious <3  u're really precious bae ●
          so, just here to appreciate u,  because i thought why not¿ I may /may not know u,  but trust me,  I meant each & every word I'm gonna say— u're amazing <3 nevereva give up on urself; never give up on ya dreams,  because ya dreams 're so beautiful, just like you.  Yes,  I did call you beautiful,  you know why¿ I saw beauty in your heart ♥ because beauty isn't about face,  but u're gorgeous anyway <3 so,  stay confident bout urself, I'm proud of ya , v proud uk ? u're a cute hoomannn!  so,  aye hooman,  I appreciate your existence,  I appreciate you.  I appreciate everything bout ya!  <3  I mean,  u're no less than anyone out there,  u're capable of anything & everything <3 <3 keep spreading love as much as you can,  honey, love is for free why not give people love ¿ so show love on every human, every living being <3 cause everyone, & everything deserves love & affection!  Oh fish,  I forgot to mention,  damn!  u're lucky you got them beautiful eyes <3  I adore you,  more of all,  I respect you <3  you can always count on me,  I'm just a text away <3 no matter what u're gonna talk about, I'm here listening, I'll always listen to ya!   so give up on that sad face & bring a little smile that I've been waiting for it to appear. Stay hydrated hun, stay safe <3 you matter to me ♥ I'll always need a friend like you in my life,  however & as whatever.  Your gender doesn't matter to me at all,  I like you <3 adore you,  with whatever u've got  so , please stay with that smile,  bring the peace that ya mind been carving for <3  smile,  it makes me happy & keep smiling cause u look so damn cute with that smile :)  again,  u can always count on me.  though I'm your internet friend, I still care for you,  & it's real <3 
           with love 
          — Sana ♡