Tokito Muichiro here! My rank in the demon slayer corps is a Pillar. My combat style "Mist Breathing".

I often forget everything, including what shall I address you.

"What was the shape of that cloud again?"

- I have an amnesia.
- My crow has a name and her name is Ginko.
- I don't like to talk much.
- I adore animals.
- I had an elder twin brother, Yuichiro Tokito.


"I didn't run away from anything, and I didn't turn my eyes away either. I put my life on the line for my friends, and I have no regrets about it."
-Muichiro Tokito


Tanjiro-kun @--BigBrother--
Kocho-san @--Butterfly_Dancer--
Nezuko-chan @--LittleSister--
Tomioka-san @--WaterHashira--
Kanroji-san @--TheLovePilar--
Zenitsu-san @--PikaBoi--
Iguro-san @--SnakePillar--
Kanao-san @--CoinTosser--

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