Name's Sabito.
My master was Sakonji-sensei, best friend was Giyuu Tomioka @--WaterHashira--
My current friend is Makomo @--DreamyMysterious--, trained Kamado Tanjiro @--BigBrother--
Hm. Nice to meet you.

Giyuu...I hope that you are doing well.

"All you've done with your training is memorize the information. Your body still has no clue on what it needs to do. What the hell have you've been up to for the past year and a half? All of it has to be hammered into your flesh! More. More! More!! You have to make sure you never forget any of the secrets Urokodaki taught you! Pound it into the marrow of your bones!"

Heyo! Lapis here, I'm the one controlling this account ^^ @Lapis_Date283

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