She was once someone who sought to cure the deranged souls of her city, but instead, became one of them. They intrigued her, and their darkness welcomed her like nothing ever had before. He showed her what it was like to live as his Princess, and so once again, love claimed another innocent soul. Moulding it into something so twisted, that not even the demons could understand her.

His story was a little different. He was a lost soul that society refused to help. He was never beautiful. His mind wouldn't allow him to be, constantly forcing him to battle for his sanity. He was looked down on by all but one. However, after his last shred of sanity was lost, the one person who was helping him out, let go of their grip, too. And now, he was by definition, cruelty. His insanity took over his body, and he sought to wreak madness over the ones that lived in their world of lies. The Clown Prince of Crime.

Society had built up an ignorance to cruelty. Society had secluded themselves from coming into harms way, locking away anyone or anything that disturbed that ignorance...Anything that broke their imaginary Playland of Peace.
It was easier to live in their world of lies than it was to face the harsh realities.
But now, it was time for society to face true madness. An insanity that could not be ignored.
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It was his eyes that scared her. Those fucking eyes that pierced through her skin and made all her secrets bleed out. They turned her inside out; leaving her exposed, and raw, and completely at his m...
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